About the Journey

Duracell, the most trusted battery brand in Canada has been providing power to our most essential devices since 1960’s. To celebrate Canada’s 150th year, Duracell wanted to solve a challenge for Canadians – how to simply see all of this vast and geographically diverse country.

The Explorer150 program was designed to capture and share the stories of every day heroes who power the country, while sharing incredible images of lesser travelled areas of Canada.

About the Journey and Route

Explorer150 is going where no drone has gone before. An unprecedented journey covering more than 11,000km of Canada’s terrain travelling from the most westerly community of Beavercreek, Yukon to the most eastern tip of Canada in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

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Hovering no higher than 90 feet about the ground, Explorer150 will bear witness to Canada’s diverse landscape, terrain and people. In celebration of Canada’s 150th year, Duracell, in partnership with Maclean’s is providing a first class ticket to exploring Canada’s unsung heroes, undiscovered nooks and hidden gems.

We even expect that we will fly over some terrain that has never been flown over before.

From living rooms, mobile phones and computer desktops, Canadians will witness a Canada they have never seen before.

Duracell’s Canada150 Mission

Duracell undertook this mission to bring Canada to the living rooms of all Canadians by powering this unique drone journey across Canada.

Leading a team of more than 50 people involved in bringing the Explorer150 initiative to life, Duracell is proud to be the trusted power behind the journey where no drone has gone before.

About the Drone

Explorer150 is a customized Yuneec Typhoon H480. This drone has been outfitted with a secondary mounted camera system powered by Duracell.

This unique modification allow the Duracell drone team to send Explorer150 deep into the wilderness to capture Canada from countless vantage points including untouched waterfalls, skylines and mountain ranges.

In the development of this project, Duracell has worked to establish a safe benchmark for drone travel and use in Canada. The team has been working closely with Transport Canada to design an approved route that crosses from West to East that safely reflected the current drone guidelines.

The Canadian company InDro Robotics has been instrumental in gaining the trust of Transport Canada in undertaking a first ever, cross Canada drone flight. InDro Robotics have been innovators in drone use, and were thrilled to be included in this history making moment.

Want to know more about our drone – watch “Making of the Drone” here:

About Duracell

Started in the 1920’s, the Duracell brand and company was recently acquired by the Berkshire Hathaway Company (NYSE-BRK) and has grown to be the leader in the single-use battery market in North America.  Its iconic brand is known the world over. Our products serve as the heart of devices that keep people connected, protect their families, entertain them, and simplify their increasingly mobile lifestyles. Our recharging technology allows consumers to live life without limits. Berkshire Hathaway is a $210B holding company owning subsidiaries that engage in diverse business activities. Visit www.duracell.com for more information; follow us on Twitter.com/Duracell and like us on Facebook.com/Duracell.

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